What I'm Grateful For in 2019

What I'm Grateful For in 2019

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During the Thanksgiving holiday most of us are running around preparing for that day's big meal and getting together with family and friends. Stress can be more of what we feel during the holidays and we lose the sacred meaning of what the holiday is supposed to be about. 

During this Thanksgiving I challenge you to set aside some quiet time, either alone or with your loved ones, and use this print out to help you reflect on the many blessing in your life. No matter how small or what your situation is at the moment.

Things to be grateful for; the smell of rain or how a blanket of snow quiets everything, the smell of coffee in the morning, a shooting star, a favorite song at the right moment, a child's laughter, the gentle touch of a grandparent, etc. 



~ Digital one-page PDF file, letter-size printable {You print, no physical print is mailed}

~ High Resolution 

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