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2016. The Year I Was Born. (Printable, Digital Download)

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Capture your child's birth year! When they're older, they'll love that you printed this for them to keep.


This printable captures 2016 World Leaders, Cost of Things, News Headlines, Top Movies, Top Songs, World Population, and Technology from the anitome.com blog post. It is ideal for photo books, baby books, scrap books, and other commemorative projects. The JPG format makes it easy to layer your photo in the center and upload into photo book project, or just print and tuck into book or album.

~ High Resolution JPG file. Square 2400px X 2400px

~ Comes to your email with link to download JPG file. DIGITAL FILE ONLY. No physical print will be sent.

~ Watermark overlay and my photo will be removed on your purchased file.

~TO INSERT YOUR OWN PHOTO > download JPG file from email > save JPG file to your pictures folder on your phone, tablet, or computer > upload as a picture into photo editing software of your choice > layer, crop, and scale your photo to fit the designated area in the center > save to your pictures folder and upload or print for projects from there.

~TO UPLOAD TO PHOTO BOOK PROJECT > after you have inserted your own photo and saved file to your device (see steps above) > find the file and upload to photo book project along with your other selected pictures.

Terms of Use:

~Design and Title are Copyright protected

~For personal use only

~Good for one use please

~Not for resale or redistribution

~Not for commercial use

Copyright Notice

You are paying for the creative service and time spent in compiling data and designing these digital files. I do not sell or claim ownership over the images. They belong to their respective copyright holders.

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