2015 Commemorative Printable Bundle

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As 2015 fades further away we forget the details of the year. If this was a significant year to you and your loved ones, or your little one was born this year, these printables are an easy way to capture what the world was like during 2015. 



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~The Annual Times {2015 Edition} front-page newspaper printable (High Resolution, 12 x 22 inches, JPG) 

~2015 World Around Me (High Resolution 2400 px X 2400 px, 8x8 inches, JPG)

~Milestones of 2015  (High Resolution 2400 px X 2400 px, 8x8 inches, JPG)

~2015 Full Blog Post from anitome.com (10 pages, standard 8.5 x 11 inches, PDF)

~2015 In Pictures (High Resolution 2400 px X 2400 px, 8x8 inches, JPG)

~Family Tree (High Resolution 5400 px X 4200 px, 18x14 inches, JPG)

~Comparing Generations (High Resolution 2400 px X 3000 px, 8x10 inches, JPG)

**TO UPLOAD TO PHOTO BOOK PROJECT > click links in email to download these JPG files > save files to your pictures folder on your device > then upload into any photo book project from your phone, tablet, or computer.


Terms of Use:

~Good for 1 use

~For personal use only

~Not for resale or redistribution 

~Not for commercial use

~Copyright protected

~Creative Design and The Annual Times title is Copyright protected


Copyright Notice

IMPORTANT! You are paying for the creative service and the time spent in compiling, organizing, and designing these printable files. I do not sell or claim ownership over the images or graphics. They belong to their respective copyright and trademark holders.


Hi! I'm Stephanie, I create these printables to help you finish those baby books and commemorative projects with a little more ease. You can read more about Myla Stone & Co.'s story here...

 Stephanie Mackie

 Contact Stephanie at sjean@myla-stone.com

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