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The Myla Stone & Co. Story


I'm Stephanie- I grew up in a quaint little town in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, but the last couple of years we have been living in the south. I have two little boys, and one big one (my husband).

Stephanie Mackie. Grand Canyon.


When my first son was born I created anitome~ A Baby Book & Annual Birthday Journal because I wanted him to have a ‘special’ journal about his whole life, not just an ordinary ‘mass produced’ baby book like everyone else. When my second son was born I made both of them a wood keepsake trunk to keep their baby stuff in along with their trophies, teeth(yes I’m gross), and other mementos that come with time.


Stephanie Mackie. Artisan. Woodworker.


Myla Stone & Co. encompasses my anitome.com blog, printable pages, and wood chests. I started my company because the amount of interest and demand kept growing. Keep in mind that I'm not in the business of mass production so I may run out of items at times.  I will try to keep up with demand, but items will always be limited that's what makes them special!



 Contact me at sjean@myla-stone.com 





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