Baby Book Pages {Printable Bundle}

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Most of us have a baby book, or childhood album we like to look at from time to time. Childhood pictures and memories kept for us are something we really cherish later on in life. Milestones kept are treasures that remind us of where we've been, what we've experienced, and how these shape who we become...



Capture your child's family story and first year with these printables. Easily print and arrange in an album, scrapbook, or binder. Or, upload them to your digital photo book project.



~The Year In Pictures: The most recent, concluded year in pictures. (2400 x 2400 px)

~Family Tree: My family history. (2625 × 1485 px)

~Comparing Generations: Compares Baby Boomers, GenX, Millennials, and iGen.  8x8 inches ( 2400 x 2400 px) 

~All About My Dad: Interview dad to know him better! 8x8 inches (2400 x 2400 px)

~All About My Mom: Interview mom to know her better! 8x8 inches (2400 x 2400 px)

~Grandfather: Keep grandpa's legacy. 8x8inches (2400 x2400 px)

~Grandmother:  Keep grandma's legacy. 8x8inches (2400 x2400 px)

~My Heritage:  Where my family is from and our traditions. 8x8inches (2400 x2400 px)

~Baby Tooth Chart: A record of when I lost all my teeth! 6x6inches (1400 x 1400 px)

~My First Year:  First year milestones. 8x8inches (2400 x2400 px)

~My First Birthday:  Capturing my very first birthday! You can keep the balloon or edit/paste a picture on top of it. 8x8inches (2400 x2400 px)


~Printing:  You can scale-to-fit each file onto your preferred paper size in your printing settings before you print. If your printer's settings don't work, convert each file to PDF and then print files from Adobe PDF software. It is recommended that you print on a heavier paper so the quality lasts a long time.)

~An email will be sent to you with a link to each file for you to download. These Are Digital Files Only. You will need to print, upload them to a digital photo book project, or have them professionally printed. No physical prints will be sent to you.

Copyright Notice:

~Copyright protected.

~For personal use only. One-time use please.

~Not for resale or redistribution.

~Not for commercial use.


I'm Stephanie! I create these printables to help you complete those keepsake and commemorative projects with a little more ease. Learn more about my story here.

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