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2017 Printable (1pg)

2017 Printable (1pg)

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What happened in 2017? Was it a significant year for you and your loved ones? As the images and details of 2017 fade further away, this printable allows you to easily revisit it as the years go by.

A one-page collage of 2017 events, trends, population, etc. From the anitome.com 2017 Baby Book & Journal Filler blog post. Ideal for baby books, photo books, scrap books, etc. Print and frame, tuck into book, OR just upload into any photo book project.


~A High Resolution, Square Picture JPG file will be emailed to you with a link to download.

~To upload to photo book > Click link in email to download > Save file to your pictures on phone, tablet, or computer > Upload along with other selected pictures into photo book.

~1 Page, High Resolution (2400 x 2400 px), Square Picture JPG file (8 inches x 8 inches) makes it easy to add to most photo book templates.

~Watermark will be removed on your file

~One use only please


~Copyright protected

~For personal use only

~Not for resale or redistribution

~Not for commercial use

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