Custom Wood Chests and Printables 

Wood Chests, Trunks, and Boxes

I began making wood chests because of what they mean to an individual, and to family. In my home, the wood chest is a place where items from life's 'mile stones' are kept. From births, awards, adventures, weddings, and deaths. The wooden chest is often a sacred piece of furniture in the home, it is where a family's story is kept safe and passed down through generations. 

A new mother keeps her baby's hospital bracelet and birth mementos in a wooden baby keepsake box for her child to cherish one day. Newlyweds keep that special bottle of wine locked away inside their custom wine box to open and enjoy on their first anniversary. A dying father places items, that represent who he is, in two small wood chests for his two little girls to know him by and cherish when they're older. A grandmother gives her teenage granddaughter a 'hope chest' to travel with her as she leaves home. A grieving family quietly place a folded flag and other military items of their fallen soldier into a wooden chest to keep his memory sacred and safe.

I'm honored to have made wooden chests for families with these stories and many more. It is what gives my work true purpose and I'm honored to make something that is part of their journey.

Knowing how cherished a wood chest is, it is important to me to work with quality materials. I handpick all wood boards, choose quality hardware, stains/paints, and I hand-cut the leather accent pieces myself. All personalization is hand-burned too. I love what I do and I would enjoy making a wooden chest or keepsake box for you too!

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