Milestones: From Baby to 18 Years {63 Editable Pages}

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There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to baby books. Each family and child is unique, and the pages that capture their milestones and heritage should reflect this without having to leave any page blank.

I created these editable baby book pages to include a combination of conventional and unconventional formats and prompts. They lay the foundation for you to work with. You may decide to keep the pages as is, typing in your response to the prompts and adding your photos. Or, you can change/insert graphics, colors, fonts, language, and also rearrange, delete, or add pages to better represent the uniqueness of your child and family.

You will be able to come back to this template over time to input new photos and information, and delete any pages that become irrelevant or you didn't get around to. When you've completed the template to your satisfaction, you can print it at home and place the pages in a binder of your choice, or send to a professional printer to have printed and bound.



~63 Editable Pages. Letter Size (8.5 x 11)

~INSTANT ACCESS: A PDF page will be emailed to you with the link to access the editable pages. The link will send you to Canva.com (a free online design software) where it will ask you to sign in to access the template. If you don't have a Canva account already, it is easy to set one up for free. Canva also has some wonderful printing options you may decide to utilize.

~SECTIONS:     - My Journey Into This World

                        - My Family: Our Story

                        - Records: Charts & Checklists

                        - First Months: 1-12 Months

                        - First Holidays

                        - Birthdays: 1-18 Years Old.


Copyright Notice:

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~Not for commercial use. This means you cannot modify this template to then resell it.

~For personal use only.

~Not for resale or redistribution. This means you cannot, in any form, share or resell this template or the link to access this template.


I'm Stephanie! I create these printables and templates to help you complete those keepsake and commemorative projects with a little more ease. Learn more about my story here.

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