Custom Wood Chests & Quick Baby Book Pages 

Quick Baby Book Pages

Posted on April 10, 2015 | 1 comment


In today's digital world our photos, memories, and milestones are kept on our devices. Because the baby book has been a long standing tradition in most families it now has to evolve with the digital times or disappear over time.

Photo printing companies have made it easy for us to get those pictures on our phones into tangible items such as photo books, posters, wall art, etc. Many phone apps make it easy to create this from our phones! Working with this idea, I have created Quick Baby Book Pages that you can incorporate into your photo book projects. They are in high resolution picture format so they are easily uploaded into the photo book along with your other photos! So easy! 

I will constantly be adding new Quick Baby Book Page designs so keep checking back!




  • Susan Beck

    Wow … Such a great site and many thanks to you for sharing ! It’s evident you have invested much time into this and it is with much gratitude that I say “thanks” for making this easily available:) . Kudos to you !

    Susan Beck


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